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Ahmed Amer (writer/director/producer) - GFF5 Bonus Episode

Ahmed Amer is an Egyptian writer/director/producer living between Cairo and New York. He recently released his first feature “Kiss Me Not” بلاش تبوسني that premiered at Arabian Nights at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) and toured the festival circuit including the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) and the Miami Film Festival.

Amer has a strong background in film having worked as an assistant editor, writer and script consultant for both theatre and film.

He co-wrote “Feathers of a Father”, 'فيلم 'ريش the debut feature for director Omar El Zuhairy (Cannes Cinefondation). 'Feathers' wins Grand Prize at Cannes' International Critics.

Egyptian film ‘Feathers’ wins best Arab feature at El Gouna Film Festival.

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